About Face!

About Face!

We are not getting it done now - despite passion and hard work by many organizations, companies, governmental bodies and individuals who challenge the tide of waste to increase the reuse of building materials.  We are falling behind!
We need a catalyst - it is time for a thoughtful, assertive re-ordering of the way things get done.
Even with a catalyst, we cannot do it without group effort - we need to create new supply chains while embracing and merging with the entrenched.
Here's what we can do together - What people and technology did to create the wasteful ways we work now - build, use, demolish, waste.  We can with new technology create a new version of the old ways - build, use, deconstruct and reuse!

Join Larry LaMotte at DRC19 for his talk:

About Face! – How We Can Turn Around after Going The Wrong Way for 150 Years

Larry LaMotte is not the guy who knew what he wanted to be since age 7. No, he is trained as an Architect with the heart of an entrepreneur. He built his own home. He has worked since age 8: paper routes, farm work, bike taxi, singing telegrams, bouncer, waiter, carpenter, designer, consultant, mentor, facilities manager, career counselor, business owner, with a couple of self-reinventions. He plans to live to 120. ReCapturit® is the current culmination of his work.

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