Making a Case for Deconstruction

Making a Case for Deconstruction

When approaching our cities, our communities, and our contractors with the idea of deconstruction, sometimes it’s a hard sell. Deconstruction is not yet a household word and many don’t understand why it’s important. Fostering strategic partnerships with cities and community members is vital if we are to raise awareness about deconstruction and ultimately divert more usable building materials from our landfills. Many cities around the country have identified significant waste reduction goals. Most are focused on food, plastic and landscape waste.  In general most have not considered the significant impact construction and demolition waste has on their waste stream or that a considerable amount of that waste is actually reusable. 

This workshop will outline our process of creating a comprehensive marketing campaign focused on educating the general public, construction trade and public officials about the benefits of deconstruction. It will also include strategies for creating city partnerships and leveraging city waste reduction goals to include construction and demolition waste and a 2 minute non-branded PSA, or short film, about deconstruction and its benefits that will be available to our participants and Build Reuse members for their own use.

Chelsea Pickett is the Business Development Manager for Stardust. She joined Stardust in the summer of 2018 as a Deconstruction Services Supervisor, gaining extensive knowledge of deconstruction and building material reuse. She then moved into the Marketing and Communications Specialist position honing her skills in social media marketing, strategy and outreach. In her current role as Business Development Manager she continues to advocate and advertise building material reuse and deconstruction. Chelsea graduated from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business in 2012 with a B.A. in Business in Sustainability. During that time she founded a student led urban farm and did extensive research on water use in Arizona. She has experience engaging with city officials and organizations, researching barriers to sustainable solutions and systems analytics. Her current projects at Stardust include creating and implementing a comprehensive educational deconstruction campaign advocating for deconstruction and the benefits of building material reuse. She finds fulfillment in working towards sustainable solutions in the building material reuse industry.  

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