2019 Year in Review and what’s to come

2019 Year in Review and what’s to come

You have been absolutely amazing!

As a member of the Build Reuse Board of Directors and chair of our Fund Development Committee, I am honored to be sharing with you the successes that your support has helped make possible this year.  We owe this progress to the depth of passion and commitment that so many of you have brought to our cause, in some cases for over two decades.  

I hope you will take a few moments to read our year-end update letter to learn about what we've accomplished together, what lies ahead, and how you can help.  Please also share within and beyond our industry what Build Reuse is doing and encourage others to get involved.  We will accomplish so much more in 2020 by staying connected with each other and continuing to share resources, ideas and information.  Build Reuse is committed to making this happen more easily.

We welcome your input and engagement.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or want to help.

Thank you!

Shannon Goodman

Build Reuse Board of Directors

Mike Gable, Chair
Shannon Goodman, Vice Chair
Kevin Gastelewicz, Treasurer 
Allison Arlotta, Secretary 
Pam Howland, At-Large  

Bill Stough
Peter Curran
Joe Connell
PJ Hubbard
Ruthie Mundell
Steve Thomas