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2019 Year in Review and what’s to come

You have been absolutely amazing! As a member of the Build Reuse Board of Directors and chair of our Fund Development Committee, I am honored to be sharing with you the successes that your support has helped make possible this year.  We owe this progress to the depth of passion … Read More

DRC19 Presentations

We wanted to thank all our speakers, sponsors and attendees of DRC19 in Pittsburgh.  This was one of our best conferences yet and we are excited to build on the momentum for next year.  Reviewing presentations can be very helpful, so we are happy to provide access to the files … Read More

Amazon Paint

Amazon Paint was a sponsor for DRC18 and we are so thankful to have had them sponsor the conference again.  We hope that many of you were able to talk with them while at the conference.  For those that may have missed the opportunity check out this presentation and reach … Read More

DRC19 Workshop on UN Sustainable Development Goals

On the last day of DRC19 in Pittsburgh we broke out into different workshops.  The following presentation is from a workshop led by Kathy Hrabovsky on how deconstruction and reuse relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  As we gather notes from the workshop we will post those here … Read More

Workshop: Effective Local Policies and Programs

During this session, Seattle, Evanston/Cook County, San Antonio, and Portland will present briefly on the status of deconstruction efforts, the drivers, and immediate challenges to implementing or expanding their programs. We will then break out into discussion groups using an Open Spaces process to guide us. Small groups will report … Read More

Pricing to Move, Purchased Inventory and Other Strategies to Drive Sales

Melissa Mongelli will discuss shared revenue partnerships and how purchased inventory can increase sales, build KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), enhance customer service and of course encourage reuse. By offering purchased convenience items that naturally pair with reuse items,  a one stop shopping experience can be created. Additionally, purchasing small amounts … Read More