Accreditation Services

In order to better serve the needs of our membership and industry Build Reuse has moved away from directly offering training.  Instead, Build Reuse will focus on curriculum, accreditation and continuing education.  Below is a summary of how this service will function.

Build Reuse will:

  • Pending Approve various levels of Deconstruction Trainers
    A list of trainers will be maintained on our website so you can easily find a trainer that best suits your needs.
  • Pending Accredit deconstruction contractors
    Whether to comply with regulation or just show clients you are a leader in the industry.
  • Launched Recognize all individuals who have successfully pass a Build Reuse written exam after completion Build Reuse approved trainings.
  • Under Development Make easy access to basic training materials for members to utilize with their own staff.
  • Under Development Build a continuing education program that will ensure all trainers, contractors, and individuals maintain their accreditation or certifications
  • Under Development Build lists of accredited contractors and trainers for our website

Applications Coming!

Accreditation for Deconstruction Contractors

Learn more about our accreditation for deconstruction contractors.  

Applications Coming!

Build Reuse Approved Trainers and Courses

Learn how to become a Build Reuse approved trainer.

Need training now?

Some of you may not have the time to wait for us to make this change, don't worry, we are still here to help.  Contact us today so that we can connect you with a trainer that can meet your needs.

Lend a Helping Hand
If you are interested in helping develop these ideas please let us know!

Deconstruction and Reuse Education

Forums and symposiums are designed to educate and jump start your communities deconstruction and reuse efforts.  Hosts are responsible for travel expenses for Build Reuse representative and costs associated with having a suitable site/classroom.  For more details please email us at:

4-Hour Deconstruction and Reuse Development Forum

This forum is aimed at communities of any size looking to boost their sustainability through deconstruction and reuse.  A Build Reuse representative will have a presentation on deconstruction which will discuss the economic and social benefits, barriers, and lessons learned from other communities.  After the presentation there will be time for questions and a more interactive discussion that might be specific to your community.  Remember this is just the first step!

8-Hour Deconstruction and Reuse Symposium

This symposium is aimed to bring together community leaders, organizations, and businesses that will ultimately be the backbone of a successful deconstruction and reuse economy.  There will be presentations from Build Reuse, deconstruction trainers, and other National or local entities that can better address the specific needs of your community.  The goal here is to get everyone involved in the room to turn ideas into action.

Other Offerings


(Coming Soon!)

Purchase our textbook
Introduction to Deconstruction:  Textbook (Oregon State Edition)

Explore the foundations of our Curriculum

Through a quick overview, learn more about how Build Reuse's Deconstruction curriculum was formed and explore the 10 core competencies.