Policy through lens of Preservation

Policy through lens of Preservation

The City of San Antonio is currently pursuing a deconstruction and salvage policy led by the city’s Office of Historic Preservation. While deconstruction ordinances are gaining attention and traction in the US, rarely are they initiated or led by preservation-focused entities. San Antonio’s policy initiative approaches material circularity and waste diversion from a preservation lens, which begins reframing building material waste as a critical component of cultural heritage and community value. This initiative has highlighted ways that deconstruction and salvage can achieve key preservation goals in practice, including providing a resource bank of appropriate materials for repair and contributing to the training and revival of traditional tradespeople and craftspeople.

This presentation will highlight the lessons learned from San Antonio’s efforts thus far, with a special emphasis on ways to strengthen partnerships between key stakeholders in deconstruction policy, including preservationists, developers, designers, craftspeople, demolition and deconstruction contractors, and sustainability and waste management professionals. This presentation will also share how San Antonio has gained strong support for deconstruction from the local preservation community. Attendees will learn key tools and approaches that can be adapted or scaled to their own communities.

Join Stephanie Phillips with the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation for this presentation at DRC19

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Stephanie is a Senior Specialist with the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation, where she works with architects, developers, and homeowners to rehabilitate and build in the city’s most significant places. She manages the Rehabber Club initiative, which provides hands-on training opportunities in key preservation trades, and is currently leading the city's deconstruction & salvage policy initiative.

In 2019, Stephanie was selected as one of eighteen fellows for the 2019 POCACITO in Germany Tour (Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow), a German Federal Ministry-sponsored program which brings young urban sustainability professionals from the US to Germany to foster international dialogue and collaboration relating to environmental policy and sustainable development. Her professional and extracurricular work aims to strengthen the cooperative relationship between preservation and sustainability professionals, particularly those focused on circular economy policy and climate change, adaptation, and equity. She holds an MS in Historic Preservation from The University of Texas at Austin and a BS in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.