Deconstruction Trainers

Build Reuse is now approving trainers and their courses.

With the launch of our accreditation program for deconstruction contractors, we are also happy to start accepting applications for trainers.  We are working on a trainer resource packet that goes into the details of how this program will work but feel the need to go ahead and get things started.  Deconstruction trainings are happing all over the nation, however, there is not a governing body or oversight as to the quality of those trainings.  For our accreditation program, we want to ensure contractors are getting a consistent and high level of training.  In order to transform communities through reuse, we need to change the entire building industry.  For 25 years and running, education around deconstruction and reuse has been a core mission for Build Reuse formerly the BMRA.  The demand for training is far greater than our capacity and there are many of you who already do the job and do it well.  Our goal is to connect quality trainers with students and grow the industry.

Before you start an application please review the pdf included below that outlines how the process of approval works.  It will also give an overview of costs and requirements.  

Meet the requirements?

A few things to help.

We have contracted with QuestionPro, an independent research firm, to field your confidential survey responses. You can save and complete your application as needed. Here are a few things that would be good to have on hand prior to starting:
- Contact information (phone and e-mail) for two professional references
- Simple resume outlining any teaching, construction, abatement, demolition or deconstruction experience.

General FAQ

Who should apply for approval?

Any trainer that wishes to teach students and contractors whom are seeking accreditation or wish/need to be recognized by Build Reuse.

Are trainers build reuse staff?

Trainers are not employees of Build Reuse.  They operate their own training programs.  Build Reuse is approving that their course covers the curriculum necessary to preform deconstruction work, safely, efficiently and at a high standard.

Is this a certification for trainers?

No, Build Reuse will take great care when reviewing a trainers application, however, our approval is no guarantee that a upon completion of a course you will pass our exam.  As always individuals should do their own research and make the best decision they can when choosing a trainer.  Build Reuse does reserve the right to review and remove any trainer whom appears to no longer meet our requirements.

How do I get access to the Build Reuse Exam?

If you are a student, an approved trainer will provide us with your email and access to the exam will be granted after successfully completing your course.  For trainers, at the start of your course you will need to send us a student list so we can provide access to the exam.

Trainer FAQ

How do I apply?

After fully understanding the requirements you can start your application here once posted. 

Can I use my own curriculum?

Yes!  Build Reuse will be updating curriculum we have used for many years.  When complete, approved trainers are welcome to use that curriculum or their own.  We will need to review your personal curriculum during the application process.

What is required of me to maintain approval?

Build Reuse will be implementing a Continuing Education requirement for trainers.  Once in place, trainers will be required to meet a certain number of CEU's on a bi-annual basis.